What of Us split 7"

by Hive Mind

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released April 22, 2017

Hive Mind is Decker, Dwayne, Steve, and Cory
These songs recorded with Nia in Bloomington, Indiana
Thanks to all friends, near and far, but especially to What of Us, Middle-Man Records, and Hydrogen Man Records.

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Hive Mind Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Give Us This Day Our Daily Natty Ice
What the fuck are you doing here?

Preparing for a job?
You quit the only one you’ve ever had
You said “the boss was a fucking faggot
And that hat was so fucking gay.”

Getting an education?
The only thing you’ve gotten so far
Was a wicked hangover
And a back-alley-blowjob
You read about in the paper

It’s a good thing that cop let you off easy
Yeah, it’s a good thing that cop let you walk away
Mom would so have taken away your mustang.
Track Name: tfw_instability(1).flac
Have you ever been afraid?
Felt the cold bay water run up your spine?
Rattling your pocket change
As you car careens off the interstate overpass

Have you ever been paranoid?
Seeing broken glass
In every long shadow
Cast by an equally bright light
In a vacuum-packed tin can
Hurtling through hyperspace

So safe
So climate controlled

Have you heard about the Saudis? (Production holds steady)
Have you seen the new lofts? (Quarter-filled, half-built)
Have you enjoyed the nice day? (65 degrees, mid february).

It's easy to remove yourself from reality
From behind closed eyes in a room too bright to see
The hum of the fluorescent death march fades into the drone of the tube TV
The radio plays the same siren swan song
Over and over again.